The population of Tsarevskoe Gorodishche and its environs according to the paleopathology and paleodemography data  

Pererva E.V.



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The paper presents the analysis of paleopathological and demographic features of the population from the settlement of Tsarevskoe Gorodishche and its environs which is located in Leninsky District of the Volgograd Region. The purpose of the study is evaluation of the frequency of occurrence of distress traits in the population of the Golden Horde town. The examined series consists of 149 individuals. As the result of the conducted study, it has been ascertained that the majority of inhabitants of the town had a relatively peaceful lifestyle. Children were primarily affected by the negative factors of urbanization. Chronic diseases associated with micronutrients deficiency in the body were predominantly the cause of infant and child mortality.

Keywords: Golden Horde, urban population, sex and age characteristics, stress markers, paleopathological conditions.


Acknowledgements. Processes of urbanization and dynamics of meat consumption in medieval cities of the Volga region (based on archaeozoological materials) Acknowledgments. We express our gratitude to the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology of Moscow State University A.P. Buzhilova for scientific advice and the opportunity to work in the funds of the institute.

Funding. The reported study was funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Research Project Development of 3D Virtual Reconstruction Methodology for Historical Sites No 0633-2020-0004.

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