Fyodorova N.V.

Controversial questions regarding historical ecology of the population from West Siberian North. A review. Historical ecology of the population from West Siberian North / G.P. Vizgalov [et al.]; ed. by P.A. Kosintsev

A review on a collective monograph «Historical ecology of the population from West Siberian North» by G.P. Viz-galov, O.V. Kardash, P.A. Kosintsev, T.V. Lobanova presents positive and negative aspects of the study from the viewpoint of the review’s author. A collection of written sources and fine quality of the edition are marked as positive aspects. Further on, subject to emphasis being two concept errors made by the monograph’s authors. The first one — lack of analysis on the data of archaeological sources for considering systems of life support with the population of the Iron Age and primarily, formation and development of such most important economical branches as reindeer breeding and trade. The second one — treating the economy reconstructions from the investigation results of Nadym Gorodok as more important than anything else. The review is concluded by analysis of factual errors in the text and tables. 

Historical ecology, reindeer breeding, fur trapping, trading relations, written sources, pictorial sources, Nadym Gorodok.