Zubova A.V.

The origin of West Siberian population of the Andronovo (Fyodorovo) culture basing on odontologic data

The paper is devoted to analysis of odontologic diversity regarding West Siberian population of the Fyodo-rovo culture, considering a question of its origin, and concluding on the initial polycomponent nature of the Fyodo-rovo population and its shaping in the forest steppe and steppe areas of the South Ural region. Within the Fyodo-rovo groups, one could specify two morphological components relating to west odontologic stem. The first of those is genetically connected with northern branch of the European race, with a distinct presence of markers of modern north European relic type in its composition. The second component is connected with south Europeans who were bearers of one of the ancient odontologic forms, being ancestral with respect to modern north and south gracile types. Most probably, the first component was introduced into the Fyodorovo population through the indigenous population of South Urals, while the second one was connected with bearers of catacomb traditions.

The Andronovo culture, the Fyodorovo culture, Bronze Age, odontology, anthropology, north European relic odontologic type, South gracile odontologic type.


Peryerva Ye.V.

Unintentional articificial changes of teeth with ancient population from the Volga delta (after materials of the Golden Horde’s burial ground of Mayachny Bugor)

The article considers cases of unintentional artificial impact upon teeth revealed on osteologic materials from the Golden Horde’s soil burial ground of Mayachny Bugor. Odontologic defects being considered in the context of modern dentist knowledge and paleopathologic evidences. Under interpretation of the revealed defects of enamel dental cover, subject to expression being an opinion  that the noted dental defects could arise under making fish tackles, or using teeth for biting and fraying through threads, or holding those under making cloths and weaver’s articles, or under using woolen threads for spinning.

 Golden Horde, unintentional damages, enamel defects, usuras, teeth, threads.